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We’ve worked with a vast range of brands to create something special. It’s time you started creating with us too.

We can’t wait to work with you.

What our clients say

It’s remarkable how important all the preparation work is that has to be done before the actual shoot. In this regard I found Barbara and Nicola to be very proactive, enthusiastic and competent, organizing every last detail with great thoroughness and precision. Since we had to produce a complete service in just two days, with the hotel open and running… if everything hadn’t gone like clockwork it would have been impossible!

I am delighted with the results: I really feel that the photos convey the true essence of our hotel, a bright and cheerful, welcoming and easy-going place (and we had fun doing it!).


Francesca Piccoli – Management, Hotel Acquadolce

Barbara and Nicola form a great team, filling up all the needs you might have when navigating the combination of Internet websites and Marketing. They put in great effort to understand the company and products.

Together with their creativity, excellent skills and energy, they develop great products. Their dedication, knowledge areas (such as photography, design, video) and last but not least client focused attitude is a combination I do not find anywhere else.

Stop looking for perfectionism, you have just found it!


Hugo van Schaik – CEO AvalonYachts

Barbara appeared in our confectioner’s shop by chance, like most of the special people that we have met in our lives. She sent us a photo through the post (not by e-mail) together with an enthusiastic comment about our pastry puffs.

We were awestruck to see our product through Barbara’s eyes: it was love at first sight. Working with her was magical, she is a great professional, a great character, but above all, extremely talented. She has a boundless love for what she does – a true artist!


Cristina and Paolo Biagini – Pasticceria Brentegani

Great professionalism, an accurate and vigilant “eye” for detail and beauty and the rare gift of “vision” (which, to me, is knowing exactly what you want the final product to look like) make working with Barbara and Nicola a great experience and pleasure. Highly advisable.


Nicoletta Tavella – La Cucina del Sole

I know Barbara as a very focused and passionate photographer and filmmaker. She has an inquisitive spirit, which is a sign of intelligence and creativity, if you ask me. We have worked together on different projects, from website to shooting food films or cookbooks.
Barbara doesn’t stop until it’s perfect.


Vanja van der Leeden – Culinary Communication

It’s absolutely true that CloudJam has two souls, or even more. Barbara and Nicola have been great at offering me creative, strategic and technical support. They are thorough and precise, and are always happy to help in any way they can.

They showed great patience and professionalism as they accompanied me through the production of the website and photos, enabling me to see things from their innovative and inquisitive viewpoint.

They are a fine example of how to truly work together – that rare approach in which the boundary between client and supplier becomes blurred, because everyone involved shows the same enthusiasm to achieve a shared objective.


Martina Poiana – Visual and Graphic Designer

Working with CloudJam has been a very positive experience. Both Nicola and Barbara are very fine professionals, with solid experience not only in their specific fields, but also with regard to the tastes and tendencies of internet users.
They have a comprehensive approach and do not limit themselves to providing a website with great technical performance and inviting graphics, but go the extra mile, analysing what makes the site work well, finding the perfect balance between the client’s needs and the market.

They are present, punctual, precise and active – they offer a variety of ways to keep in contact throughout the project, and ensure that they are on the same page as the client before proceeding with any kind of change relative to the original plan.


Claudia Landini – Coach e Fondatrice di Expatclic