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About us

How do you do? It’s nice to meet you. We’re the storytellers behind the magic.
Each one of us is unique – we’re human after all. Apart from one canine, though he’s kind of human.


Back to the point – we’re all on a mission to create something special.
From creative to technical talents, we like to pay attention to the detail and so do our trusted collaborators.
We notice the stuff that you notice – you might say, we can be a little bit obsessive. In a good way.


We’re shape shifters, always moving, always evolving. There’s never a dull moment with us.
So you can rest assured, your project is in the safest hands to inspire and delight.


I like to observe. That’s why I chose a life behind the lens, not in front of it. From age 14, I’ve been capturing moments. It’s my thing.


Graduating from Istituto Europeo di Design, in Milan, I knew I wanted to spend my life perfecting my craft. Being a photographer was non-negotiable. So I set out on a mission that’s earned me over two decades of experience so far, complete with producing and editing video.


My appetite is most satiated when snapping food. Interiors too. But food is a love of my life. Can you tell I’m Italian?


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Barbara Z.
Art Director0%
Manga and Anime fan0%


A little more precise. A little more meticulous. A problem-solver if you like. I sound very sensible don’t I? I can be. Sometimes.
I worked as an IT technician for 10 years. Now I handle video shoots and anything web-related. What a jump!


I get a kick out of finding unusual solutions to the usual problems. And it’s when I’m fixing problems and I see joy spark in my client’s eyes, that I’m happiest.


I used to be a barman. Believe me – that comes in handy more often than you might imagine.

IT consultant0%


Raised on a healthy diet of spaghetti westerns, my love of cinema erupted the first time my grandfather showed me a Sergio Leone movie.
But it was during my History of Cinema class at university that I realised I didn’t want to just watch movies. I wanted to make them.


A keen believer in trial and error, I’ve honed my skills starting as a light, sound and editing assistant. I then moved behind the camera and finally became Director of Photography.


Best movie quote? “I’m Winston Wolf. I solve problems.”


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Alessandro Felici
Camera operator0%
Winston Wolf0%


I was born in Rome in the 70’s. I’ll let you picture that as you wish.
I took my first steps into motion design with Amiga Computer, and went on to study Multimedia Image Processing with the famous documentarist F. Qulici.


When I can give life to objects, I feel like a magician, and key frames are my goblins. With experience working in national TV, advertising and corporate films – I’m well equipped to respond to our client’s briefs and always do with passion!


Watch my showreel

Motion graphic designer0%
3D generalist0%
IT hardware expert0%
Runner and pizza addicted0%


After studying Communication Sciences and Marketing at the University of Amsterdam, I fell in love with storytelling. I’ve always been a fan of CloudJam and I love being the person that gets to shout about them.


Alongside telling stories, I love to experiment with make-up and have been doing so since I was a little girl. More recently I’ve been doing this more professionally which is where I found the world of photography and video.


As a balanced Libra, and an Italian born and bred, I have quite the eye for beautiful visuals. It’s my job to tell the world about the ones that CloudJam create – and being a super fan I love nothing more.

Creative thinker0%
Customer support0%
Risk taker0%


Chief of quality control (when Barbara cooks) and group mascot. I work closely alongside Nicola, particularly when he takes a walk in the park.
I was three when these guys adopted me and, over the best part of the last decade, they’ve turned me into a well-mannered team member.


As a canine, I’m just happy to be around such nice people (that cook pretty damn good food).

Security alarm 0%
Food quality consultant0%
Dispenser of affection and cuddles0%
Conqueror of hearts0%