ChocoThriller | CloudJam
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Winner of “People’s Choice” video category, at the contest Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015.


This video, being the second of a series “The belly of an Archiechef” , and a well thought through collaboration with food designer Pasquale Pontillo from the Archichef studio, makes it very particular and out of the ordinary video thanks to the way it’s presented and to what it presents.
The video itself took inspiration from the intro of the famous series “Dexter”, which particularly emphasizes on showing raw close ups of certain scenes. This method was then used to introduce and tell the story of the recipe of the “salame di cioccolato” in a fun and ironic way, just like the actual product is. Because of the unordinary factor that the “salame” has, we wanted the video to reflect that and make it different from any other ordinary recipe video.


Archichef: Pasquale Pontillo
Director: Barbara Zonzin
Production: CloudJam
Camera: Nicola Micheli
Music: Tenedle
Location: Cantinetta Wine & Pasta
Graphic Design: Martina Poiana
Motion Graphic: Giuliana Dieni