Brassicas | CloudJam
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“Brassicas” shows various type of vegetables that all derive from the family of Brassicas. As you may have noticed these vegetables tend on having colors like green and purple, which in this case contrast beautifully with the deep black. In addition to that, we decided to include other vegetables outside that specific family, like carrots, to further explore the capacity of the 4K cameras with it’s bright colors.
This video was made as a prototype for a workshop dedicated to the new 4K cameras to show their full potential and capacity. What’s so special about these cameras is that they are able to capture very intense colours, especially the deepness of the blacks, and place emphasis on details.


Shot with Blackmagic Cinema Camera 4k raw and Sony Alpha 7S 4k.
Canon Cinelens 35mm. 50mm. 80mm. and Canon macro 100mm.


Director, DP, editing: Barbara Zonzin

Camera: Nicola Micheli

Color Grading: Alessandro Bernardi